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Clay is a natural, ecological and sustainable material.

The porosity of the soil allows plants to breathe thanks to the exchange of water and air from the walls of the vase.

Terracotta pots also provide good thermal insulation protecting the roots from heat in summer or cold in winter.

Of course, but we must not forget that those are garden vases. They will therefore acquire a patina and sometimes indoors the stains of humidity or limestone are not always good. Inside, sometimes, certain fungi develop.

A terracotta vase never remains in its original appearance.

It will blush, whiten, patina. What is acceptable in a garden is much less so indoors. We draw your attention that the natural patina of the vase is not always very happy indoors. The vases evolve less well indoors than outdoors. Those are garden vases.

For a conical pot, choose a vase with a height of 1/3 for the pot, 2/3 for the plant. For the diameter, take at least 2 cm more than the initial container.

1. Thoroughly wet your pot with a jet of water or a watering can in order to saturate the porosity and obtain the most homogeneous color after planting.

2. Put stones or clay balls in the bottom of your pot without blocking the evacuation hole on 1 third of the vase to constitute the drain.

3. Then place a geotextile felt

4. Finally, pour in the soil or potting soil.

5. Pour water all over the pot.

Our unglazed terracotta pottery all have good frost resistance, provided certain rules are followed:

• Drain well from the start by following our planting advice

• Do not leave the saucer under the pot in winter

Bring the enameled vases inside. If you are in a region exposed to cold, we advise you to bring your pots inside or cover them with wintering veils.

Enameled vases fear frost.

1. Arrange at the bottom of the vase on 1/3 of the height, stones, gravel, broken pots, clay balls.

2. Lay out a geotextile

3. Lay out the root ball and add the earth.

This drain will allow the roots to breathe and the water not to stagnate at the bottom of the pot and freeze, weakening the vase.

Our pots are not guaranteed. If your vases deteriorate abnormally in the first years following your purchase, please let us know by sending photos of the problem with our stamp visible in the photo.

Your pot can accompany your life in the garden for very long years, or even outlive you.

What puts it in danger is the wind, which can knock it down if the plant is buoyant or freezes.

Yes of course. This is even better for the plant which will thrive more.

All our vases are drilled. Provide a saucer for vases installed indoors.

For indoor vases of course. There is a saucer for every size vase. This will be suggested to you after your choice of vase on our online store or by the sales team.

Our saucers are waterproof. However, indoors and especially for your wooden floors, we advise you to slide felt pads.

We do not recommend saucers outdoors when possible. Mosquito nest, they must be removed in winter.

To avoid the round trace on your terraces, we recommend terracotta pot supports, or more invisible, pieces of tiling or wood to raise the vase.

Good alternative to saucers outdoors, they ensure good drainage because the holes under the vase do not clog. They are not recommended if you are exposed to the wind.

3 supports per pot except on pots with a diameter of 100cm for which we recommend 4 supports.

On sunny days, yes. We recommend that you bring it in for the gel as well as its saucer. Enameled pots are more afraid of frost.

The jars have a narrow shape at the neck. Former food containers, they are now placed in the gardens.

It is preferable to plant hanging or climbing plants and small plants in the jars. You will find it difficult to repot the jars if your plants are growing a lot. For shrubs, it is better to choose a vase that will have a conical shape.


Before planting it for the very first time, thoroughly wet your pot. This will make it possible to homogenize the patina, which is a characteristic phenomenon of terracotta.

Afterwards, to clean your terracotta pottery, you can simply pass a steam cleaner all around. There is no risk for your pottery which is fired at 1000 degrees.

If you don't have a steam cleaner, just take a sponge with detergent or white vinegar mixed with water. Rub well all around and simply rinse.

If you want to repot your plant afterwards, take the opportunity to clean your pottery. Remove the root ball and clean the inside and outside well. Moisten the pot well before planting again, always to harmonize the patina. Warning: some very concentrated soils can dirty the pottery and leave traces. Prefer natural products.

1. Take a sponge with white vinegar, and you can clean the whole surface of your pot.

2. Pass a cloth to unify everything.

The freezing phenomenon can have many consequences, including the crumbling of your pot. If this is your case, we always recommend that you contact us by phone or via our contact form and send us photos of your pot with our stamp visible.

We will then be able to provide you with the most appropriate response to your problem.

This phenomenon is usually the result of a pot that is not or no longer suitable for the plant because the roots develop too much. Take care to check if your plant is fast growing, in which case consider getting a larger pot.

Otherwise, and before the plant grows too much, we advise you to change the pot.


You can come from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. in our store in Aubagne en Provence. Our store is located in the manufactory. This is where you will have the most choice and advice from our team. There is also a corner for vases with small flaws.

If you cannot come to Aubagne, we invite you to order your vases on our online store.

We also have some good garden centers to recommend depending on your department. You can call us at +33(0)442.824.200.

So, you have to go to our store in Aubagne. Table service, pitchers, bouquet vases, large dishes and lots of color... We only sell our tableware on site and cannot ship it to date.

Visit our e-shop and make your selection.

Remember to add accessories if necessary, such as saucers or pot supports for your indoor plantings.

Minimum order 80 euros.

The transport costs are calculated once the basket is filled and your delivery address has been entered. Our transport costs are not offered, they are calculated according to the weight of the goods and the delivery department.

Please specify this when ordering online by noting specific order. Redelivery costs may be requested if the driver was unable to access your home.

Our lead times are 1 to 4 weeks. If your order cannot be delivered within 4 weeks, we will let you know and can reimburse you if necessary.


We deliver throughout France. For deliveries outside Metropolitan France, contact us for a quote.

In our online store you will find a selection of products from our catalog that we can ship to you.

If you come to our store in Aubagne and you don't have the space to take your vases, we can plan a delivery with you. Count at least 120 euros.

Our vases are placed on wooden pallets with a heat-shrinkable plastic cover.

Shipping costs are calculated on the basis of the weight of the goods or the number of pallets as well as your department.

These costs include the cost of transport risk from us to yours. If the pallet is damaged and the pottery broken, you just have to refuse the pallet and we will send the order back to you free of charge.

We register your order and start preparing it. Our vases are usually in stock. If we have a delay of more than 4 weeks due to a production problem, we will notify you and can of course refund your order if our delay does not suit you.

On average, your online orders are delivered to you within 15 days.

Deliveries only take place on weekdays.

The carrier contacts you to set a delivery date. They cannot be precise on the time (between 9am and 5pm).

The carrier, which is independent of Poterie Ravel, places the pallet on the steps of the building or in front of the house. He won't put your pots in place.

Please check your goods in the presence of the driver. This is when you can indicate on the voucher if a pot is broken or damaged.

Complaints made after delivery unfortunately cannot be taken into account.

If you notice any damage, please note on the transport slip "refused because broken". The goods will be taken back by the carrier and we will replace the part or parts.