Terracotta pots are ideal for planting your balconies and patios.

Your choice of container is important when considering your decorative scheme!

When it is not possible to plant directly in the ground, terracotta pots offer your plants the best conditions in which to flourish, combined with an attractive style.

Poterie Ravel makes pots in a wide variety of sizes, designs and colours to decorate your outdoor space, create privacy and shelter, and allow urban gardens to bloom in style !

For a city-centre rooftop balcony, group pots in three different sizes from our seasonal collections. For example, combine different shapes and sizes in the Cycas range.

« Pots are used to decorate, create privacy and shelter, and allow urban spaces to bloom in style »

For a Provence-style patio, create an oasis of trailing plants with our Jarres Provençales.

To provide privacy, arrange large pots in a row and plant with bamboo.

For those lucky enough to enjoy a sea view from their patio, emphasise the blue and white contrast with white terracotta pots.

A town garden is the perfect setting for Camélia pots in different sizes, planted with box.