Large pots allow you to create eye-catching planting displays and are ideal to decorate a patio or garden thanks to their impressive size. We categorise our terracotta pots as large when they are between 70 and 120cm in diameter.

As with all our products, these large pots are made entirely by hand at our workshop in Aubagne. They require great skill and very large kilns! Because they are hand-crafted, our large pots have a beautiful finish and a generous thickness.

Large terracotta planters are beneficial for your plants due to the porosity of the clay. This allows the roots to “breathe” while being insulated from extreme heat and cold.

Poterie Ravel offers a variety of different designs, with something to suit every type of garden.

For timeless, traditional planting schemes, choose from the Camélia or Rinceaux collections. For more contemporary gardens, opt for Cycas, Arum or Jasmin. If you wish to recreate the charm of the Mediterranean, our Jarres Provençales collection is the ideal choice.


The pots are heavy and should be handled by more than one person, or by professionals. As with all planters, good drainage is required. 
To ensure water can drain freely, we suggest placing feet beneath your pots to raise them off the ground. Choose from square or ball feet, or the lion’s head design for a more classic look.

Please note that the Cycas H115 and Arum D120 pots require a pallet truck or similar for installation. 
Each pot weights 150kg.

Please contact us for further information.